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Modular Perforated Steel Sun Screen Structure

Hengda perforated steel sheet can be used to fabricate sunshade screen for outdoor uses in modern style architectures. Perforated metal sunscreens / sunshades can be an integral part of a building—enhancing efficiency and aesthetics. Accurate perforated metal sheet is the ideal material for architectural sunscreens and shades with four major benefits: First, perforated sheet enjoys longest work life compared with other building materials; second, it can be fabricated into any shape easily; third, nearly maintenance free; fourth, perforated sheet can be offered in a variety of colors and finishes to suit the building style.

Perforated Sheet for Sunlight Blocking

Popular Modular Steel Shade Structures Made with Perforated Steel Sheets as follows:

Item No. Description No.
  Modular steel shades structure  
HD37 Model 1 - overall size 170x404cm 18.00
HD38 Model 1 - overall size 170x374cm 36.00
HD39 Model 2 - overall size 190x404cm 1.00
HD40 Model 2 - overall size 190x374cm 1.00
HD41 Model 3 - overall size 150x404cm 3.00
HD42 Model 3 - overall size 150x374cm 6.00
HD43 Model 4 - overall size 163x360cm 7.00

Perforated Steel for Shade Structure

Metal Shade Composed with Perforated Steel

Perforated sheet sun shade structure offers the following advantages:•Reduction of energy costs;
•Mitigation of heat and glare from the sun;
•A means for natural light to pass through to illuminate the interior of the building;
•Abatement of noise and wind effects;
•Privacy enhancement;
•Improvement to the aesthetic appearance of the building.

Technical Information of Steel Sheets Perforated for Metal Shading:

Material: Various, including Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum plate or galvanized plate.

Dimension: Customized

Metal type: Perforated plate

Hole shapes: Round, square, oblong, diamond, hexagonal, Plum or special shape as customized

Surface treating: Electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated, or anodized.

1.Can be readily formed
2.Can be painted or polished
3.Easy installation
4.Attractive appearance
5.Wide range of thickness available
6.Largest selection of hole size pattern and configurations
7.Uniform sound abatement
8.Excellent wear life and durable
9.Superior abrasion resistance
10.Accuracy of size

Major Components for Modular Perforated Shade Structures: Tubes, sheets, stiffeners, columns, cylinders, etc.
Mild steel hollow tube:100x50x5mm 3mm

Steel sheets perforated: 3mm thickness. Diamond holes.

Steel stiffeners at intervals: 10x30 mm

Metallic column: 75mm, 15mm thickness fixed in reinforced concrete beam
10x30 mm steel stiffeners at intervals

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